A guide to social isolation written by the socially isolated.

Table of Contents:

  1. Drop the Media
  2. Find New Responsibilities
  3. Practice self-reliance and be Prepared
  4. Maintain Mental Health
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The Guide to Surviving Quarantine

Maybe you’re a social butterfly. Maybe you love your routine, you love going to work, you love seeing that check hit your bank account every two weeks. But things have changed, and they’ve changed fast.

The recent collapse of our economy and social stability probably has you shaking in your boots. Or maybe not.

My name is Michael. I’ve been socially isolating for a very long time. I’ve struggled with mental health issues since I was very young. …

Simulation theory may not be a new idea at all, and it most certainly fails to explain where we ultimately come from.

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A New Idea and an Old One

I was daydreaming a while ago, and it occurred to me that there are many parallels between simulation theory and religious theory, and they both seem to answer questions while failing to reasonably answer the ultimate question.

I should start by saying, I am not religious, and this article is not an attempt to threaten anyone’s beliefs. I am simply exploring ideas.

I sincerely enjoy the simulation theory and largely believe it, even though it cannot be proved except through theories of probability (so far).

The theory makes the universe feel a lot less lonely, but it leaves most of…

Dear Youtube, and users of Youtube,

Here are four ways that Youtube could easily be more efficient with the way they present Ads, and how they could prevent their apparent disturbing downfall.

1. Smart Podcast Ads

There have been many times where, as I was listening to a podcast on Youtube, I noticed something strange. The podcast would pause itself, and then, to my confusion, a bunch of weird noises would follow. People coughing or giggling, music, etc.

What had happened was simple, an Advertisement had played.

Little did Youtube know, the ad wasn’t being effectively delivered. At all.

Many people listen to podcasts…

A Night Terror that Took an Unexpected Turn, and a Battle with a Faceless Horror

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This dream is not fictional, it was a dream I had on a Friday, March 9th of this year, 2019.

I fell asleep around 7 pm.

My family had come over to play games and hang out, and I hadn’t the energy to greet them. I retired to my bed.

Before long, I discovered that I had slipped into the darkest of nightmares.

Not merely an uncomfortable dream, which for me isn't that uncommon.

In such uncomfortable dreams, I tend to be perpetually running away from a threat, or in others I find myself stumbling upon a disturbing scene.


The story of my 3–4-year college education, the mistakes I made, and the one rule you have to live by to succeed in Academia.

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I wrote 3–4 years because honestly, I’m not sure how long it was. It’s all kind of a blur.

Maybe you can relate to my experience and the one huge mistake I made.

I graduated from high school in the fall of 2016 and immediately joined an honors cohort in a university I respected, San Diego Christian College.

It was hard work, I had stayed up all night completing projects multiple times.

Presentations were due in the morning, and several papers besides. …

My revealing experience in the bathroom and how today’s political climate is affecting me — a Comedy

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You’ve heard about it. I’ve heard about it. Somebody’s really offended right now. As we speak.

It seems like everyone’s favorite new hobby is to get offended about things.

I thought I wasn’t one of the offended. I thought I was safe from the victim lifestyle. But as it turns out, even I have discovered the steamy odor of the mainstream seeping into my nose-holes.

It happened just the other day. I went to do my morning business and to my surprise, business was not as usual. I couldn’t poo.

I sat down, pulled out my phone, farted around on…

An attempt to encourage those of us who need courage most

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Hello, perhaps you are depressed or know someone who is depressed.

Depression has swept the nation and has become an epidemic, and no one knows what to do about it.

Frankly, it breaks my heart. I’ve seen it on your faces. Those of us who have experienced the depths of psychological illness know an agony that transcends physical pain or discomfort. They will tell you that if you ask them. I’ve heard it from many depressed individuals.

Simply put, those of us who experience such heavy burdens have two options.

  1. Give up
  2. Keep going

You have these two options, always…

A Letter to the Unsung, the Blackbirds singing in the Dead of Night.

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Heroes aren’t knights in shining armor.

Heroes aren’t strong, powerful, unwavering people with big muscles and ambitious career paths.

Real heroes are people who are weak and broken but fight to make the world a better place anyway.

Real heroes wake up and go to work, even if their job’s brutal, even if it drains their very soul, even if no one recognizes their sacrifice.

Real heroes are regular people, who push on through the twilight. Blackbirds, black as night, singing their beautiful song.

These true heroes, they see the dim light on the horizon, and they’re not sure. They…

Loneliness — an Epidemic on the Rise

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I was just lying on the floor of my room, staring at my phone, and I noticed something.

On youtube, there’s a new video (by TheOdd1sOut) trending today, and it’s gained 8 million views in 2 days. Impressive.

I couldn’t help but remember seeing a similar video trending about 3 months ago, by Kurzgesagt (an excellent educational channel). It generated millions of views in hours and was #1 trending on youtube for quite a while. The first time I watched it I cried a little bit (If you don't mind, can we keep that between you and me? …

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